WILSA® Fluid Conditioning Technologies
WILSA Holdings, LLC. has developed and patented methods and apparatus for conditioning water and aqueous-based fluids in a wide variety of applications.

Utilization of the Company’s innovative technologies in water processing and aqueous-based fluid treatment systems has been proven to enhance performance while reducing operating costs. ElectroWave® Conditioners (EWC) are easily integrated into existing fluid process systems to affect the interaction of water and aqueous-based fluids with other substances.

In separation applications, WILSA® technologies may be configured to improve water clarification via accelerated oil/water separation and/or enhanced settling of suspended solids.

In mixing/blending applications, the Company’s technologies can be modified to improve the dispersion of chemicals and other substances in water and/or enhance the mixing & blending of aqueous-based mixtures and emulsions.

To date, WILSA Holdings has been issued twenty-one (21) United States Patents and one (1) International Patent (Mexico), with multiple U.S. and international patents pending. Trade secrets and know-how acquired through years of hands-on experience in water-related industries, plus a management and advisor team having a wide range of technical, legal, business and practical application experience, provide the Company with distinct competitive advantages.

Ongoing research and development is anticipated to enhance the energy efficiency, conditioning output and flow rate capacity of current devices and generate additional breakthroughs in fluid conditioning technologies.

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