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WILSA® technologies utilize innovative designs requiring very low electrical power input to generate high strength electromagnetic fields.

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Less than 1,500 Watts are typically required to generate electromagnetic fields greater than 1 Tesla having well-defined gradients within 2”, 4” or 6” fluid flow lines.

Scalable ElectroWave® technologies are indifferent to fluctuating flow rates, pressures, operating temperatures and other conditions influencing flowing fluids. WILSA® technologies can typically be implemented in most systems and processes without major engineering modifications. Depending on the application, WILSA® power supplies can be programmed to generate less than 100 Gauss (.01 Tesla) or more than 17,000 Gauss (1.7 Tesla); with the field strength typically ranging between 0.5 – 1.25 Tesla.

As a result of improved designs, ElectroWave® Conditioners requiring relatively low electrical power inputs provide similar fluid conditioning effects for larger diameter (10”-16”) flow lines in high volume, high flow rate applications.


WILSA® Products:

ElectroWave® Conditioner (EWC)

  • Induces Concentrated Electromagnetic Fields in Flowing Fluids
  • Alters Surface Tension / Viscosity / Contact Angle of Polar Fluids
  • Reduces Cohesion Energy and Alter Adhesive Forces of Polar Fluids

TheDON Technology (DON)

  • Improves Water Clarification
  • Neutralizes Charges on Surfaces of Suspended Solids
  • Disrupts Cellular Functions of Biological Contaminants

WILSA® Products in Development:

TheDON Technology (DON)

  • Lowers Zeta Potential of Suspended Solids to Break and Floc Out of Water
  • Precipitate Minerals & Compounds
  • Disrupts Cellular Functions of Biological Contaminants

WILSA’s Advantage:


Simple installation and operation


Full-bore flow pipes in standard units


Standard piping and fittings


No moving parts


Common field electrical connections


Only 2.5 kW power needed

WILSA® products can be integrated into an existing process system, or operated independently, to enhance performance and reduce operating costs.